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Dog trainer Meg Sanders with dog

Meet Meg

CPDT-KA   Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge                                  Assessed

KPA-CTP   Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner                               Better Vet Visits Certificate

                       Certified Puppy Start Right Certificate

SAPT           Separation Anxiety Professional Trainer

APDT          Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

PPG           Pet Professional Guild Professional Member 

PDA          Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor and Assessor

Megan Sanders Badge.png

Meg Sanders is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with a wealth of dog training experience and has worked both privately and teaching group classes with owners and their dogs. Meg graduated with distinction as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), which is an industry leader in scientifically sound, positive and humane animal training methods. Meg is also a certified Separation Anxiety Specialist (SAPT), using the most up-to-date, humane and safe training methods to help dogs recover from anxiety of being left home alone.


She specializes in highly personalized training packages designed to create strong relationships, solid skills and happy households for puppies, dogs and their owners. Additionally, as an elementary school teacher with decades of classroom teaching experience, she is a master educator who prioritizes compassionate and respectful communication with the humans at the other end of the leash!

Meg began her training career, as many trainers do, with a keen interest in dogs from a very early age. As a child, she befriended all of the dogs in her neighborhood and became known as the person to call upon for dog-walking and sitting. Her interest in training methods and dog cognition continued into adulthood, fueled by her desire to bond with and train the dogs she and her family brought into their lives. Meg went through an intensive trainer’s course and mentorship, and began volunteering through the Greater St. Louis Training Club. There she gained extensive experience teaching socialization and playgroup classes for puppies, family dog obedience classes and leading humans through an orientation program focused on positive reinforcement and how dogs learn. She has considerable experience conducting private training programs in clients’ homes and has worked with a wide variety of breeds, ages, types and sizes of dogs. 

Having worked as an educator for many years, Meg has a special passion for working with all people, including young children, and strives to ensure clear communication and dog training programs that clients will be able to understand and build upon with their dog. She has brought a variety of programs to children and schools, including bite-prevention education and educational programs about service animals. She is committed to continuing her own education as well through workshops, seminars and conventions, and is an active member of the dog training community, collaborating and learning alongside fellow trainers.


Meg believes in merging current behavioral science, positive reinforcement methods and humane practices to make communication and understanding between humans and their dogs crystal-clear. With these things in place, training is effective and enjoyable, leading to a harmonious household, a well-behaved dog who loves to learn and a strong bond between people and their pets. Meg will never use methods or tools that are designed to diminish or promote behaviors through pain, force or punishment.


In the United States, dog training is a completely unregulated business. That means that anyone can say they are a professional trainer and can use any methods they choose, even if they have no formal education in the science of animal behavior, and even if they are using outdated, inhumane practices. It’s important to understand the tools and methods a trainer will use with your dog.

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